America's Team (yeah right!)
We are a second year team playing in the PHA. In the beginning we were 42 people in the PHA Beginner Class that began in Oct. 1996. After 18 grueling weeks of falling on our butts and running into the boards we graduated into two teams, the Bladerunners and the Blue Devils. We entered the league in the Summer Season 1997. Both teams had a reasonable first halves to the season, but after that they went in opposite directions. The Bladerunners went on a 4 game winning streak while the Blue Devils went into the Cellar. The Blue Devils came out of last place to go 2-1-1 in Aug. handing Conf. E Champs the Rockets their only loss of the season. In the end the Blue Devils finished in 4th place and disbanded at the end of the season. The Bladerunners clinched a playoff spot with their victory against the Blue Devils in Aug. and finished 3rd in the standings. The Bladerunners went on to the first round of Conf. E playoffs and lost 2-1 to the Chargers. With their season complete several members of the team went their own way and the Bladerunners were left with several roster opennings. Since both teams had a good rapport throughout the season after practicing together, the remaining players from the Blue Devils joined the Bladerunners. We'd like to think we've improved ourselves into another contender this season in the E+ Conf. We will see as we again face our old nemesis the Chargers and an all new stacked team of Mimes from Hell (Mummenshantz).