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Melvin Honeymeltar

As the sixth boy in a family of ten, life didn't come easy for Melvin - anything he wanted, he had to fight for. Gifted with average strength and intelligence, he began to depend on his incredible dexterity and considerable stamina. Melvin realized that a full frontal assault rarely worked, but by attacking from unexpected flanks would accomplish his goals.

Melvin realized early on that he was different than all his. At the age of 4, Melvin picked up a bow and drilled an arrow into the bull's eye at twenty paces. Enrollment in the Archery Stable quickly followed. By the time Melvin turned seven, he was already separated from the other students being taught by the Master of the Stable. At the age of 9 he entered his first tournament, placing seventh behind veteran warriors. For the next several years, he entered the annual contest, steadily moving up in the rankings. Three days after his fifteenth birthday, he won.

During his victory celebration, he met the girl of his dreams. She was had blonde hair, blue eyes, an incredible figure, and a jealous husband. It was apparently a loveless marriage, one arranged by her father to conclude a business deal. They slept in different parts of the house, she said. He slept in the north wing with his concubine, and she in the south wing, alone. Before her husband grabbed her away, she made sure he knew that her husband would be gone next week on business, and that she was alone, so very alone....

And thus began a new lifestyle. Practicing for hours on the archery range during the day, and then sneaking into the Countess's house for a full night of a more gentle combat. There were a couple of close calls, but Melvin never got caught. Eventually, the Countess grew tired of her boy-toy, and moved on to a stable hand from the Duke's summer castle. So Melvin got even, by breaking into the house and taking out the family's cache of jewelry. He knew he was safe, since the Countess could hardly explain how she knew the burglar, and how the burglar knew exactly where the jewels were kept....

After his 16th birthday, his father declared him a man, worthy of respect and honor. And incidentally, old enough to get the hell out of his house and earn a living. Once again, he won the annual tournament, this time beating a newly retired Captain of Archers from the Duke's Cloud Platoon. Holding a letter of introduction from Hildar, the retired captain, Melvin went off to join the Duke's army, hopefully with the well known Cloud Platoon.

During the trip to the capital, he was set upon by a pack of Orcs. Laughing in the face of danger he quickly drew his bow and sent an arrow of death into the Orc Captain - and missed! Another shot, another miss! And again! A fourth shot missed! The captain loosed a single shaft at Melvin and drilled him in the arm, knocking him to the ground. Fortunately, another band of Halflings arrived and saved him from certain death. Melvin arrived back in town, alive but depressed. How could he have missed?!?

Hildar had good news, the problem was only combat jitters. Melvin had trained himself to shoot at set distances and at stationary targets. The Orcs weren't standing still at thirty-face paces which caused his aim to be way off. Before he attempted to join the Duke's Archer Platoon, Melvin needed some combat experience, learning how to adjust for different distances as well as movement. Hildar suggested he go and visit one of his Sergeant's that he commanded in The Platoon, Avaj. Avaj lived in a town near the Shinarian Bay, in a town called Huntington....

Sir Barry Dorster

Sitting Leaf

Tom Crunchberry

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Rat Thing, The

Relena Silmaria