Adventure Summaries

In Search Of Rey'la's Staff
Adventure I - part 1
Game date: 9/27/96

In Search Of Rey'la's Staff
Adventure I - part 2
Game date: 10/11/96

In Search Of Rey'la's Staff
Adventure I - part 3
Game date: 10/18/96

The Quest For The Goran Gem
Adventure II - part 1
Game date: 11/15/96

A Small Break For the Party
Thu Mar 12th, 732

After retrieving Rey'la's Staff, Aramus asks the party to seek out the Goran Gem when they are ready. The party took a short break from the previous adventure. During this break, Clavin and Sir Barry recieved training, Melvin and Sitting Leaf honed their boyer/fletching skills, and Melvin and Crunch snooped around town.

Returning The Amulet To It's Rightful Owner
Fri Mar 13th, 732

Crunch, Calin, and Melvin (others?) went to return the amulet they had found in the Ratman's Lair to Ralene Sifara at 242 Haite Street, her home. When they knocked on her door, they heard clickings of many locks being opened. Eventually, Ralene peered out the door. The party reintroduced themselves and mentioned that they had the amulet. They wanted to meet her at an Inn to give it to her, but she refused, insisting that they bring it here. When asked, she mentioned that the amulet was a family heirloom which protected her family. The party left and as they were leaving, they heard the clattering of locks being locked. And they left with the impression that she might be a vampire.

The party came back later with the amulet and Ralene let them in after the clatter of opening many locks. It was fairly dark inside. The party gave the amulet to Ralene and Ralene graciously thanked them. The party had asked for a reward, but Ralene had nothing to offer. The party left and noticed this time that there were no clickings of locks being locked when they left.

Party Roundup
Wed Mar 25th, 732

When Clavin and Sir Barry finished their training, the party was ready to seek out the Goran Gem. Clavin recieved word from Rolan that the church had reports of goblin activity to the northeast and Clavin insisted to the rest of the party that that is where they must go. Similarly, Calin had ran into some travellers who reported goblin activity.

The Journey North
Thu Mar 26th, 732

The party acquired a horse and cart for the trip and made their way north. After almost a full day's worth of travel, the party finds a pathway leading to the east towards a conical mountain. They discover goblin footprints along this path. Since it was getting dark, the party decides to camp out in the words on the side of the road just north of the eastbound trail. Sir Barry prepares a culinary feast for the party, but was dismayed because Clavin had cast purify food & water on his meal.

Rude Awakening

During the evening, the party is awakened by a goblin hunting party coming from the eastern trail. They swiftly take them out and remain vigilant the rest of the night.

Towards The Tall Pointy Thing
Fri Mar 27th, 732

The next day, Clavin and Sir Barry help heal the party. The party then their way across the eastern trail to the base of a conical mountain. At the base was a series of cave openings in the form of a skull with a crown. The mouth of the skull touched the ground as the entrance to the interior. The party took precautions upon approaching the skull opening.

The Mice File Into the Lion's Mouth

Melvin made stealthily made his way into the opening while sticking to the shadows. He could hear snoring, but saw no signs of life beyond that. As he made his way around the entry chamber, he noticed there were several murdur holes pointing into the chamber. He noticed that the snoring noises were coming from above near the crown of the entrance. He made his way back out and told the party what he saw and heard.

Barry was questioning why they were even here, but Clavin insisted that this is where the must go. The party agreed to sneak in and did so. On the way in, one of the party climbed up and killed the goblin who was sleeping in the crown. At the same time, he noticed a pair of catapults, one for each eye of the skull.

The party went in beyond the entry chamber and came upon a crossroads of corridors. They heard the snoring of many sleeping goblins to the right and left. There were also some doors nearby and they decided to check some of them out. The first couple of doors were the access ways to the murder holes around the entrance. The third door was the rank food storage locker. After checking out these doors, they decided to move down the hallway that didn't have any snoring noises. They made their way into what appeared to be the throne room.

They investigated a side door from the throne room which had some snoring noises from within. The party peeked in and saw that it was a cook and this was his kitchen. The party quietly closed the door.

The Lion Stirs

After investigating the throne room for some time, a handful of hobgoblins, the king's royal guard, leapt from the shadows and engaged the party for invading their space. Just when the party had nearly taken them out, the last one raised an alarm through the fortress. The party was in bad shape, barely alive, and it appears they now have an even larger conflict on their hands.

The Quest For The Goran Gem
Adventure II - part 2
Game date: 1/10/97

The Lion Roars
Fri Mar 27th, 732 (continued)

The party had just finished off a handful of hobgoblins within the throne room of the goblin fortress. An alarm was sounded and all the goblin within the fortress joined into the battle. There were about 59 of 'em. The party was trapped in the throne room, but used the entryway into the chamber as a bottle neck to help keep the goblins at bay.


Sitting Leaf was standing in the middle of the room when a goblin charged in from another room and pulled a lever in the throne. A trap door opened and sitting leaf found himself in a cage within a torture chamber/dungeon. Meanwhile, the goblin that pulled the lever ran back to the door he came from, melvin scored a hit on him, but he got away. Then shortly thereafter, two goblins came out through the same doorway and one ran for the throne again. This time the trap door was closed. After killing off these two goblins, melvin and chrunchberry tried (and kept failing) their open locks skills to figure out how to pull the lever in the throne. (It was fairly tricky, you see).

French Fried Goblins

Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, the rest of the party is fending off the goblin horde. Eiger laid a trap by pouring water over a 10x10' section of floor where the horde was coming in. When enough of them were on this section of floor, he cast a shocking grasp to electrocute them. He fell back and barry and calin pinched off the corridor to prevent the goblins from getting into the room. Clavin stood behind them with healing spells ready. When calin went down, clavin pulled him out of battle and eiger jumped in. Eiger was fighting amazingly well for a wizard. Once clavin healed calin, eiger stepped out and calin went back in for more.

Trapped Amongst Familiar Faces

In the dungeon below, leaf found himself in a cage in the middle of a torture chamber. There were five other cells, all of them had someone in them. Leaf recognized one of the cellmates and vice-versa. It was none other than you're old buddy Gouser. Leaf failed at several attempts at bending the bars of the cage before he finally succeeded. Once he was out, he found the cell keys, acquired his belongings (which he had to remove to get through the bars), and freed Gouser and his cohorts. They found their way upstairs facing the backend of the goblin horde that was going into the throne room.

The Tide Turns

At this point the battle starting moving quicker as Gouser, his cohorts, and leaf attacked the back end and the party attacked the front end. One of gouser's cohorts was slain by the goblins. Sometime during this battle, the goblin king came out of his chamber and moved to attack melvin. Melvin and/or Crunchberry killed him fairly swiftly. The goblin queen appeared a short while later and found herself in harms way and quite dead.

Thar Be Treasure

Melvin and chrunchberry investigated the royal chamber and found a secret passage to the treasure room. There they found oodles of treasure, a bag of dust, and the Goran Gem (which was the whole point of this quest).


Finally, leaf, gouser, his cohorts, and the rest of the party had met and all of the goblins were dead. The party was barely alive and clavin only had one healing spell left. Melvin, not trusting gouser, hid himself in the treasure chamber and chrunchberry hid the key to the chamber.


The party sent out feeler questions to see how they should deal with Gouser, since the didn't quite trust him. Barry detected evil in Gouser and all of his cohorts and became very suspicious.

Manical Threat

Gouser stormed into the goblin king's chamber with purpose. He came back out almost frothing and demanding to know where the king's body was. He found it and searched him. He didn't find what he was looking for and demanded from the party to know where the key was. The party played dumb. Gouser got frustrated and went back into the chamber where the secret passageway was and started picking the lock. The rest of the party was scrambling into position expecting a confrontation. Melvin was ready as well because he heard the lock picking noises from the door to the treasure chamber.

Caught In A Lie

Gouser eventually picked the lock and saw melvin and screamed, "You liars!". He drew his sword and engaged in battle with the party. Gouser's cohorts, were were standing in position around the throne room and up a hallway came to arms at gouser's call.

A Clever Ruse Almost Made Him Lose

Barry attempted to distract one of gouser's cohorts by throwing at him the head of the goblin king that he had cut off earlier. Unfortunately, he mistakenly threw his sword instead and was left holding the head. This was enough of a distraction for Eiger to come in for the kill.

The party fought swiftly and was able to get an upper hand because gouser and his cohorts were already badly hurt.

Exit Stage West

At this point, the party made haste and exitted the goblin lair and made camp down the road. Characters were mostly healed by the next morning by way of clavin and barry. The party made their way back to ruinsdale.

Back On The Road To Ruinsdale
Sat Mar 28th, 732

Just as the party entered ruinsdale, they encountered rolan, who beckonned them to a doorway. The party went in. Rolan asked for the goran gem, knowing that they must have it. The party was a little reluctant, because aramus wasn't around, but eventually handed it over. Rolan gave the party an excellent meal and 1000 gold each in the form of 100gp gems. Aramus showed up eventually and congratulated the party. He thanked them and mentioned that some time in the near future, he would have a greater, more-important task to ask of them.

Answers And Questions

The party asked Aramus about Gouser and why he would want the Gem. Aramus said something about gouser's people stealing the gem from his people a couple hundred years ago. The party also asked whether they should worry about gouser's people, and aramus shrugged it off and said, "probably not". The party is wondering who Gouser's boss is.