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Rules for the Snow Covered League.

Please contact Chris Quenelle ( regarding rules questions.

League Rules Summary

  1. A member begins their deck with 1 Ice Age starter and 5 Alliances Boosters.
  2. There is no trading of any kind.
  3. Basic land and snow-covered land may be added or removed at will.
  4. Games are played for Ante.
  5. If a basic land is anted then this card is added to the player's initial hand, and another card is turned over for ante.
  6. Wins, losses and draws will be tracked for each member, and the life totals will be recorded.
  7. The looser's ante card will be recorded, but the contents of each deck will not be officially recorded or tracked.
  8. If a player reaches a *net* loss of 6 games, they may add an Alliances booster to their deck. At a *net* loss of 12, they may add another booster. (These are called "Pity Packs")
  9. The "Benevolent League Dictator" (BLD) is me (Chris) for this league.
  10. The BLD makes all the other league rules on demand. He will document all league rules/pronouncements/dictations that he makes and email the collection of rulings on request. He will listen to suggestions and will try to go with the majority. His is allowed to change his mind if necessary.

Added minor rules go here

  1. Card openings must be witnessed by at least one other league member.
  2. Trevor will be the score keeper.
  3. Chris has cards available for purchase. Ice Age starters for $9 each. Alliances Boosters for $2.50 per pack.
  4. 6/24/96
    Ante's will be returned when a draw happens.
  5. 7/2/96
    Everyone gets a freebie mulligan. If you don't like your hand, you may draw again. Once per game. This has no affect on your opponent. There are no mulligans based on land.
  6. 7/2/96
    Snow Covered Land should be genuine. No proxies. Exceptions will be granted for short periods of time. SCL will be loaned out by the community at large, if necessary.
  7. 7/9/96
    Trevor and Chris opened pity packs.