Here are the pictures I have of my broken ankle experience.

Some are kind of gross so I've marked [gross] for the more, uh, bloody/bruised ones. I don't think any of them are super bad though...just not exactly pleasant.

Thanks to my coworker, Robert, for enhancing the X-Ray pictures.

 Sitting on the Sofa, with splint

 Right side view of splint

 Post-Surgery, Right View, X-Ray

 Post-Surgery, Left View X-Ray

 Pre-Surgery, Left View X-Ray

 Post Surgery, Front View X-Ray

 Pre-Surgery, Front View X-Ray

 At Doctor's office, with splint

 Dr. Levin

 Splint Removal (1) [gross]

 Splint Removal (2) [gross]

 Ankle after splint removal [gross]

 Left-side ankle after washing up [gross]

 Right-side ankle after washing up [gross]

 Cast (Pic 1)

 Cast (Pic 2)