Sitting on the Sofa, with splint

 Right side view of splint

 Post-Surgery, Right View, X-Ray

 Post-Surgery, Left View X-Ray

 Pre-Surgery, Left View X-Ray

 Post Surgery, Front View X-Ray

 Pre-Surgery, Front View X-Ray

 At Doctor's office, with splint

 Dr. Levin

 Splint Removal (1) [gross]

 Splint Removal (2) [gross]

 Ankle after splint removal [gross]

 Left-side ankle after washing up [gross]

 Right-side ankle after washing up [gross]

 Cast (Pic 1)

 Cast (Pic 2)

Compare this to the Post Surgery, Front View X-Ray and notice how far my foot looks disconnected from the leg bones. Oh, and if that doesn't do it for you, look at where my toes point in the Post Surgery, Front View X-Ray compared to this one. I'm wearing my splint for this X-Ray, so that squiggly line by the toes is just the splint.